Our Mission.

Our Vision:

We want a world where no-one feels like they need to keep their mental health struggles bottled up inside for fear of being judged. We want mental health discussion to be as “normal” as possible.

Our Mission:

To Change the perception of mental health issues through common discussion, frank personal experiences and personal support.

SADBOIRACECLUB’s mission is to support and provide awareness of mental health issues commonly experienced. Our main objective is to get people speaking of their issues rather than feeling like they can’t talk and therefore bottling their issues, which is unhealthy. We are aiming to “normalise” mental health discussion. SADBOIRACECLUB are not a charity nor medically trained professionals. Aside from being a talking aid, we are signposting to organisations that can help, including our chosen charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably).

Our Values:

Always Here: social media accounts always open for anyone who wants to talk

Acknowledging: We will acknowledge and respond to every message/email etc received, in a timely manner, without fail

Confidential: Opening up about mental health is a huge thing, we acknowledge and respect that. All conversations stay complete confidential and can be anonymous if required

Relentless: We will not stop until mental health is more widely acknowledged and spoken about. Furthermore, we want the stigma around Mental Health and the people who suffer poor Mental Health to be irradicated.