SadBoiRaceClub "HONK" Slap


We went for a family walk the other night and I showed my son how on a motorway bridge I used to stand as a kid and wave at the lorry drivers to see how would sound their horn.
He loved it and got so much happiness from it.
Something as simple as that breaks up a day and is most likely the only interaction those drivers have had with someone in the hours and hours of driving they've done.
Simple acts can break low mood patterns. It really is that easy sometimes.
I've come up with this design in the classic cheesy bumper sticker style, but let's bring it back and bring some happiness back onto the roads

10% of profit goes to Papyrus Charity, Our chosen partnered charity.

Highest Quality Cut Vinyl.
Apply in warm dry conditions. Ensure surface is cleaned before application
Do not attack with pressure washer at close range.
Unlikely to stick well to textured paint finishes or dashboards.